The Salty Shakers

Welcome to the saltiest place on the internet!

The collection contains 10,000 provably rare unique Salty Shakers. Every Salty Shaker is programally generated using 160+ hand drawn traits of varying rarity. Salty Shakers are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and the artwork hosted on IPFS.

Salty Shakers are not animals (clearly) and are not meant as profile pictures – even though they look damn good there.

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Presale ended! Join the Discord to receive the latest updates.

About the Salty Shakers

Your Salty Shaker doubles as your membership card, grants access to members-only benefits, full ownership and commercial rights for your owned Salty Shaker, and ability to participate in community events and grants.

By holding your Salty Shaker, you can claim an additional 10 $SALTY (ERC-20) tokens per day that will be used to unlock various perks, wager, send salty letters, and provide some liquidity.

Our interns are still working on the art.
Full IP rights to the shakers you own.

Our interns are still working on the art.
Unique tokenomics.

Our interns are still working on the art.
5 Super Rare Salty Shakers.

Our interns are still working on the art.
$SALTY Shop.



We pay our interns.
10 Salty Shakers will be airdropped to random holders of the first 2,000.


We make sure our interns didn’t draw any duct tapes or some other weird sh*t. Metadata is leaked.
5 ETH added to the community wallet.
10 Salty Shakers will be airdropped to random holders of the first 4,000.


We will airdrop three Apes to random owners. The misfits ones.
Member exclusive Salty Store gets unlocked! Be ready for Limited Edition goodies.


We will boost our servers and pay the influencers.
10 ETH will be donated on behalf of the community to a community's chosen charity. 10 ETH added to the community wallet.
A special unique Salty Shaker will be airdropped to a random holder.


Our team will each get a grain of salt tattoo to commemorate.
At 100% minted, $SALTY token will be unlocked. 
First Chapter begins.

First Chapter

As long as there’s salt around NFTs, we will keep growing. The first chapter will focus on providing value to Salty Shaker holders, build the world around the Salties, and the $SALTY token ecosystem.

The community will be able to unlock new features and parts of the Salty world by holding and interacting with $SALTY.

Secondary fees will be 2,5%. The team gets 1% to keep building and make it sustainable in the long run, and the other 1,5% will go towards the community wallet. The community then can decide what it will be used for. It can be used to provide liquidity to $SALTY tokens, community grants, buy lands, buy the floor, among other things.

$SALTY tokens

$SALTY token is an ERC-20 token minted exclusively as a reward to Salty Shaker holders. More information will be available in our whitepaper (to be released).


Being Salty pays. Salty Shaker owners can claim 10 $SALTY tokens per day per salty. We may increase the rate the longer you hold.


Salty Shaker holders can use $SALTY to send message from the project’s Twitter profile. This can be used to promote interesting things, send love letters or just crack some jokes.


Salty Shaker holders will be able to claim an Egg NFT for free (plus gas). The eggs can be hatched into a young version of a creature using $SALTY tokens. $SALTY tokens then can be used to evolve the creature to its final form.


Salty Shaker holders can buy merch, NFTs and other goodies with $SALTY tokens.

What creatures can be found in the depths of the earth?

The Salt Wars

The Salt Wars is a NFT ranking system where Salty Shaker holders can choose their own NFTs from multiple collections to send to battle against each other. Which NFT will sit in the Salt Throne?

Watch the Salt Wars showcase below.

You can find more information in our Medium post.

Buy a Salty Shaker

Presale ended! Join the Discord to receive the latest updates.


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In a faraway land, beyond the crypto mountains and the ico valleys, there lived a peaceful kingdom, where food was fresh and plentiful, and every person and animal courteous to one another.

As word spread out, soon every (goddamn) animal started moving there, and what once was a wonderful place, now seemed more of a giant termite’s nest, where one could only move if everyone moved synchronously.

Friction caused by the crowding started producing this weird material, called salt.

Salt had a strange effect on the kingdom’s inhabitants, making them bitter and angry for no reason at all. To solve this issue, the wise king asked a fairy for help. The fairy then went to the palace’s kitchen and picked up one salt shaker.

In a swift motion with her wand, where once stood a dirty, old salt shaker, now stood a peculiar creature: shaped like an ordinary salt shaker, but with eyes, a mouth, two squiggly arms but no apparent legs, whose first words were:

— F*ck..!

And thus the story begins…